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Testimonies are powerful. A testimony is encouraging to you and your testimony can be encouragement to  others. Your testimony of praise to God can be a light to someone going through what you have, by the grace of God, overcome.

I pray that you will share your testimony with me to include on A Prayer A Day's website. And if A Prayer A Day has been a blessing to you please tell us how.  Your how may be the encouragement someone will need to request to receive the prayers to begin cultivating a closer walk with our wonderful Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.








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Good God Day Juanita and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ! This is Susan and I just have to tell you what Father God has done for me and is continuing to do for me! I had my right hip replacement surgery on Feb 22! I know my Father is with me always and I felt no fear as I knew He would bring me safely thru! My recovery and healing are going so well because my Father is in control of my life and everything about me! What else is so amazing is the way that Father God brought everything into fruition! I do have arthritis from my neck to my feet but I had no pain in my hip at all! The Orthopedist I have been with for 20 yrs never mentioned my hip at all! Back in Nov he had emergency surgery as was not back in his office until the end of Dec but was not doing any procedures, injections, or even writing scripts so I was waiting to see him again! One day in early Jan I fell when we were coming home from food shopping! Our Pcp asked me if I would to go to the Rothman Institute after I told him about Dr P! I told him yes and he called them and set up an appt for me and my husband and we went on Jan 25! I took my X-Rays of my knees cuz that was what I was scheduled for, not my hip! When Dr A. saw the way I had to walk and sent me to their Radiology dept for a hip X-Ray and when he saw it he told me that my hip was terrible and told me that I needed a new hip ASAP! He set up the surgery for Feb 21 and from that time on everything happened so fast! As the date got closer I felt a normal nervousness, but no fear! I knew that Father God is with me always and would bring me safely thru everything! My healing, recovery And therapy are going so well and all of this is because of Father God's Mercy, Grace and Kindness to me! How Awesome and Wonderful our Father God is! If it weren't for Dr P needing emergency surgery in Nov I most likely would have reached a point where the replacement could not have been done and I may not have been here now or in a wheelchair for life! Our Father God is so Amazing and Merciful and Kind and I Bless His Awesome Name! I can't even begin to Honor, Glorify and Praise Father God enough for all He has done but most importantly, for just Loving me! ~ Susan (March 2, 2017)


 I like to read the daily prayer in the morning before I go to work it makes my day go by a very small and helps me remember to keep love for all people and remember that prayer is real but without faith prayer will not work so keep faith it goes hand in hand with prayer and the Lord will answer.  Thank you daily prayer for being in my life. ~ Anthony F.  (March 24, 2017) 


I want to thank my Heavenly Father for giving me another chance. Two years ago I was rushed to the hospital. I had a tear in my heart and the Dr. didn't think I would make it. They told me without surgery I would die and I could also die on the operating table. My family and prayer warriors prayed for me also. They also said I had 30% chance of  surviving the surgery. The good Lord heard the prayers and everything was in his hand. Praise God I pulled through ~ Maria G (March 31, 2017)

I've tried to write this testimony a hundred times. So I guess, now it's time. Though I've been a Believer all my life, I found myself in a dark and scary place. Abused and lied too at every turn, the enemy had gotten hold of my husband. Anger, abuse, lies, women, drugs alcohol. He wasn't himself at all anymore. I was stuck with my four glorious kids. I was so scared lonely and beat down so low I'd even forgotten how to pray and didn't even know what to say to my lord Jesus but I knew I needed him desperately. I looked up the word "prayer" on the internet in an attempt to find healing and there you were. And praise the Lord!!! Little by little day by day I read and prayed with you. Today four years later I am strong, incredibly strong in faith. I know beyond a doubt that my Jesus is with me, guiding me out of that life & into a new one. The one he had for me. One where I give and can care for others and have mercy on the innocent. More miracles than I can even count!!! My kids are fantastic and in college, doing well. My youngest one is with me. Praise Jesus!!! Though I pray now for my ex husbands salvation and health and recovery. He can not hurt us anymore. Jesus literally stepped in and protected us. I called out for Jesus one night and he came in like thunder, and I had instant peace and then in days that followed he showed me the way out. It was like he lit up a pathway and I just followed all the way to safety, a new job, peace for my kids, money for college, a music ministry, and mentoring children. See, He was with me the whole time. I was just too broken to see it before.  Thank you for being here to help me find Jesus in my most desperate hour. This is an incredible ministry. Bless you bless you bless you!!!! Praise God for you !!!!! ~ Laura B (April 26, 2017)